Levera National Park

Levera National Park holds a strong reputation as Grenada’s most scenic and spectacular coastal area. Its picturesque beach is quite populars, and its lagoon is one of the most important wildlife habitats providing shelter to over 150 species of birds.

Levera’s marine areas are equally esteemed, consisting of coral reefs and sea grass beds that shelter lobsters and beautiful reef fish.

With hundreds of annual nesting activities, the 700m long Levera Beach is the primary nesting beach for leatherback turtles on Grenada. 


The Levera shoreline is a valuable and important area that provides a habitat for fish and other wildlife. 



In an effort to continue the successful programme to protect the critical leatherback nesting beach, Levera Nature & Beach Resort will employ the latest in energy efficient lighting and design. There will be no harmful lighting on the beach. Red lighting, which is less intrusive to nesting sea turtles and hatchlings, will be used in all sensitive areas during turtle nesting season.


Levera Nature & Beach Resort is committed to protect and restore this precious commodity by building off the shoreline, well beyond the first dunes and behind the palm tree line, leaving it in its most natural state. To best preserve the shoreline environment, Levera Nature & Beach Resort plans to imitate nature, employ soft armoring, blend with the natural surroundings, and use sustainable materials. Maintaining the natural, unspoiled beach is a priority. When you are at the beach you will see it in its primitive state- which is healthy for the environment and for the individual. 



If your visit to Grenada is scheduled between April and July, then you may be lucky enough to witness the spectacle of the leatherback turtles visiting the island. Levera is one of the main nesting beaches for leatherback turtles on the island of Grenada. The leatherback turtle gets its name from its unique soft shell. It is the largest of the sea turtle family weighing up to 2000 lbs and expanding up to 6 feet long. Leatherback turtles travel thousands of miles per year to return to their original place of birth to lay their eggs. Yes, nature really is that amazing!

Levera Nature & Beach Resort works closely with the Grenada Government and local conservation groups to ensure the beaches remain in a pristine and natural nesting habitat. Additionally, the resort will provide a staff biologist to monitor the turtle camps and supervise all ecological plans.

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