Levera Nature & Beach Resort – Ready for a Busy 2019

2018 was a pivotal year for the 375-acre project in the North of the island, much of it was spent putting in place the ‘behind the scenes’ infrastructures and systems which are an integral part of its eco-friendly design and ethos. The goal is to ensure the sustainability of this unique and multifaceted resort.

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Robert Martin
Food for Life!

The main goal of organic production is stated as; ‘to develop enterprises that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.” On this premise, Levera’s farming dovetails seamlessly with the eco-friendly vision embraced in its infrastructural planning concepts. With approximately twelve months to go, to fulfil the three years of planting using sustainable organic practices, required to be; ‘Certified Organic’, Levera Nature & Beach Resort, will definitely be ready and waiting to give its guests and residents a naturally refined experience

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AgricultureRobert Martin
Construction Update & Development Overview : 2017 Quarters 2-3

The last six months have been a productive, yet wet season, for Levera Nature & Beach Resort. Although the Caribbean experienced an extremely active and devastating hurricane season, Grenada, which sits further south than common hurricane paths, was spared. Grenada did experience a wetter than normal rainy season, which affected the development progress. Construction has advanced as we focus on finishing up the seaside area and begin planning for the next phases of construction. 

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Most Grenadians don’t know how to swim. But one woman is changing that.

A human life skill everyone should learn??? How to swim!  As easy as that sounds, many of us grow up around water, yet we never master the skill successfully.  Obvious reasons to learn to swim: personal safety, fitness, enjoyment, and rescuing others.  Instinctively, animals are born with the ability.  But, as humans, we must practice before being able to swim with ease.  Luckily, Grenada gained an angel.  Deb Eastwood has taken an interest in the fact that over 90% of the population of Grenada does not know how to swim.  Her dedication changes that.

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