First Investors in Levera Were Approved for Citizenship by Investment

August 2016, the first investors in Levera Beach Resort, Grenada were approved for the Citizenship by Investment Programme and now have their Certificates of Naturalization. 

Levera Beach Resort is an approved project under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme.  Anyone who invests US$ 350,000 or more in the project by purchasing a cottage or villa in full ownership, or in shares of the hotel company may qualify for citizenship of Grenada.  Individuals who obtain citizenship through the investment programme benefit from myriads of travel, business, and educational opportunities such as visa free travel to more than 130 countries, generous tax incentive packages, and access to top schools and universities.

In August 2016, Levera had its first round of investors approved by the Government of Grenada and the Citizenship by Investment Committee. Investors who have passed a strict due diligence and background check have already received their certificates of naturalization, with new passports being issued.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme is an important driver for the country’s hotel and tourism business development, making the island nation more attractive for foreign investors. Multiple real estate projects approved under the Citizenship by Investment Programme, Levera included, are among some of the most prestigious developments in Grenada, allowing people from all over the world the opportunity to make an impact into a sustainable and bright future of the island nation. 

Robert Martin