Grenada - Chocolate Capital of the Caribbean

Grenada’s tropical climate and volcanic soil make a perfect growing environment for cocoa, which is why the chocolate produced on island is amongst the highest quality in the world - 60%, 71% 82% and 100% pure chocolate bars.

This small ‘Spice Island’ has FIVE chocolate producers! Which is why it has been additionally endowed with the title “Chocolate Capital of the Caribbean”. The producers are; The Grenada Chocolate Company, The Diamond Chocolate Company, Cray Fish Bay Estate, Belmont Estate and Tri Island Chocolate.

Grenada’s chocolate producers obtain their organically grown beans from local cocoa farmers. Two of these, The Grenada Chocolate Factory & Belmont Estate, hail from the parish of St. Patrick, in the north of the island. The parish is also home to the Levera Nature & Beach Resort project, where sustainable organic farming of a variety of crops is already underway way in advance of the resort completion.

The Grenada Chocolate Company, is a quaint outlet which can be found in the village of Upper Hermitage, Mt. Rose, St. Patrick. It is a Tree-to-Bar producer and the grandfather of the islands chocolate producers. Established in 1999, by the legendary Mott Green, it pioneered the process of organic and sustainable ‘tree to bar’ production. Sadly, Mott passed away in 2013, he was renowned throughout Grenada and his legacy remains strongly in place. This is attested to by the fact that today, The Grenada Chocolate Company continues to purchase its high-quality beans from a local co-operative of certified organic cocoa farmers and its award-winning chocolate can be found in gourmet stores as far afield as Europe and the United Kingdom.

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At Belmont Estate cocoa beans can be seen in the fermenting and drying process. These are used by the recently opened Belmont Chocolate Factory, which is also making a further name for the Spice Isles artisanal chocolate reputation. The Estate is a popular spot for visitors, offering a unique agri-tourism experience, with a lovely open-air restaurant featuring authentic local cuisine.

Several of the islands chocolate producers offer Bean to Bar Chocolate Tours, where one can visit the cocoa fields for demonstrating of harvesting, cracking and tasting of fresh cocoa beans.

All things chocolate can be experienced at Grenada’s very own Chocolates Festival, which was founded in 2014 and is growing in popularity and attendance each year. The 2019 event will take place from May 31st – June 7th. Activities will include a hands-on chocolate beauty workshop, chocolate yoga meditation, a chance to taste Grenada’s outstanding chocolate in an amazing array of products, opportunities to meet the cocoa farmers and even chocolate tasting with international chocolatiers!


Grenada’s cocoa farmers and chocolate producers are proud that their organically grown cocoa beans and their indisputably finest quality chocolate, are exported for use by some of the highest end chocolatiers in the world!

Robert Martin