December 2016 Construction Update

The Levera Project continues to make solid progress gains with construction. After a extremely rainy November, the Seaside Cottages @ Levera Beach Resort are now under construction.

We were a bit frustrated with the weather, which set us back through the end of October and much of November; however, we’ve gone far beyond the “ground breaking” of November 4.

Mobilization site is completed, drainage improved on the roads (dramatically), the first cottage site (our prototype) has foundations poured, and the elevations are being excavated for 5 additional cottages. We flew in two experts on the Endura block system we are utilizing for the project, and they have been training the work crew on what is a very impressive, unique, and strong building system. One of these Endrua Trainers will return for two weeks in January to focus teaching the structural coating portion of the system to our local construction team. 

5 additional cottage lots are now being prepared for construction and should begin going vertical in January.

Levera Beach Resort - Seaside Cottage #14 - Foundation and Walls

Construction Mobilization Area

Cottage #14 - Lot Preparation