Conservation through Smart Development


The project’s allegiance to responsible development extends beyond the parameters of the site to the sustainable development of the local community and the whole island, by employing and training staff, and sourcing produce from local farms and producers. Our initiatives are designed to enhance the natural benefits provided by the land that are essential to maintain healthy land. We thrive to maintain and sustain tropical forests, agriculture, tourism, energy and other economic activities.

Adjacent to the property is the Levera National Park, an important wildlife habitat with an extensive mangrove. Protecting the natural habitat of the turtles and other wildlife is a priority of the development. The project development team is committed to initiating a long-term plan to maintain and protect this important ecological sanctuary.

Nature is the foundation of every economy. Healthy ecosystems are an essential foundation for thriving economies. Our mission is to preserve the land, to educate the local community, and to nurture the ecosystem and the human connection to the natural landscape.

The resort is dedicated to the preservation of its surroundings by providing eco-friendly and alternative energy sources, recycling, composting, and water reclamation. There will be on-site activities to heighten environmental awareness and showcase traditional West Indian ceremonies and arts. The EcoCenter will offer education initiatives to increase public awareness and community participation.


Orchards(Sustainable Agriculture) 

The Orchard enables Levera to produce organic, sustainably farmed food without damaging the environment. We use techniques to grow and harvest foods that bolster the local economy and protect the natural surroundings. We are building a better food system by growing our own produce, herb gardens and spices, creating a unique farm-to-table dining experience. 



The on-site EcoCenter allows the opportunity to increase public awareness and community participation through educational programmes. Our goal is to inform locals as well as visitors on how to make decisions that will benefit humanity now and for generations to come. We will employ a biologist who will help to facilitate and maintain natural choices, provide educational classes, and offer guided nature walks through the Orchard and Levera National Park. 

Alternative Energy Solutions

Levera Nature & Beach Resort will use solar power, the cleanest and most cost effective alternative energy solution. To maximize the use of the solar panels, a home battery that stores energy generated by the solar panels will provide backup electricity independent from the utility grid.

This smart energy solution is supplemental to the island grid power. 

Water Reclamation

Water reuse offers an independent water source that is locally controlled and benefits the environment. Wastewater will be treated naturally to remove impurities and reused for landscape irrigation.